Tree Service Provo is a Tree Care business who's standards are set high when it comes to trees and bushes. Whether it's getting rid of trees, making them look better, or helping the tree become more healthy, Tree Service Provo is there to help and make everything right. If you want a free quote then fill out the information below, if you want an instant service then please feel free to give us a call at 801-877-2996

If you're looking for Tree Removal Utah County, you've come to the right place, check out our tree removal services here.

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Services We Can Help You With

Tree Trimming

Here at Tree Service Provo, we have the tools and supplies necessary to trim trees the safe and healthy way.

Tree and Bush Removal

There are trees that can potentially be dangerous, and others that just don't compliment your yard. We can remove them. Tree Removal Utah County is one of our specialties.

Tree Cabling and Bracing

Tree cabling and Bracing are a great way to stabilizing, shifting, and securing weight of co-dominant branches.

Stump Grinding

If you've cut down a tree and have a stump that is taller than you want it, we will grind it for you.

Stump Removal

Stumps don't always look promising, and often times, they don't compliment your yard.

Tree Care Maintenance

Keeping your trees healthy helps keep your yard looking great, and we are here to help you to achieve a great yard.

Tree Service Provo

Tree Service Provo is a tree care service company based on customer satisfaction, we strive to help our clients get their dream yard. The way we do that is helping them get their dream trees. There are many different things we do to achieve this, such as trimming, removing, and grinding unwanted parts of a tree. 

We also do this for brush. Bushes need to be trimmed to maintain a healthy and good looking atmosphere to an outdoor area. We have many tools we use to do this and treat everything we do with the utmost satisfaction. 

Our arborists are very knowledgable and able to help with any concerns you may have with your greenery. If you are looking for an expert opinion on your trees or saplings then give us a call, we can help. 

If you are based in Provo UT and want your trees or shrubbery maintenance then we are happy to send our team of professionals to your property where we can discuss any problems you have and needs you want to be met. The goal of that conversation is to find a solution to your needs and a fair estimate. When you agree to our terms and the price provided then we will begin work on your property and help make sure that everything is in its best shape and quality. We will be using our top-grade tools and products to ensure you are satisfied. 

Call Now for a Free Quote, whether you need Tree Trimming services, fertilization, and spraying, pruning, yard cleaning, stump removal, or any of the other services previously listed then feel free to contact us. When you need help with your brush or trees, concerning their health or looks then we are the company to get a hold of. Call Tree Service Provo today.

Also Tree Removal Utah County is something we do constantly, our experts are great at Tree Removal and we don't only do the Provo area, but also Utah County as a whole. If you live in Utah County and need tree removal services, we've got you covered.

Man trimming trees with tree trimmers

Customer Reviews

"Tree Service Provo is a fantastic service, they were super nice and helped make my trees look beautiful"

-Maddy H.

"I Will Definitely be calling them again whenever I need work done on my trees"

-Donald G.

"10 out of 10 service, thank you Tree Service Provo!"

Tristan H.

Man in machine trimming trees

We Offer Quality

For Trees that you and your family can enjoy contact us. Tree Service Provo offers comprehensive Tree Care services for your trees and shrubs that are absolutely exceptional. We provide a professional tree diagnosis for your trees by are certified and highly trained arborists. Furthermore we have insect control and advanced treatment for any disease detected in your tree. We also have expert methods of trimming that will guarantee your tree health, vitality, and an exceptional look. We make sure that every tree and shrub that we nurture is taken care of at its best.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are not satisfied then we don't want the money, we offer a satisfaction guaranteed policy, because here at Tree Service Provo, we know that we must do a job well done. If there are any problems with our service we'll be quick to fix it. We want to make sure our tree care is at it's best. Our expert Arborists are there to make sure you and your greenery get the best care possible. Our Tree Care Service is just one call away.

Man taking care of trees
Stump that was grinded in middle of yard

Stump Removal

And Stump Grinding

Sometimes stumps can be troublesome and get in the way of making your yard look beautiful. Stumps can also get in the way of mowing your lawn. Tree Service Provo has you covered and can take out stumps with ease.

Tree and Brush Removal

"I was surprised at how well they did removing the trees in my front yard, I will definitely recommend them to family and friends!"

Often times there are unwanted trees and brush that need to be removed in order to achieve a great look in your yard, or a healthy atmosphere for your other greenery. There's also a danger in some trees, as they may fall and damage property or people. These should be taken out, and they should be taken out right.

What kind of Trees do we remove?

We remove all trees, coniferous and deciduous, big and small, we remove them all. We'll get rid of pesky saplings and trees that are old and huge. We have high end equipment to guarantee the safety of the process. Our Tree Service makes sure that everything is done professionally because we want to make sure you are getting the highest quality of service.

Removing a tree properly is important, we are here to do that. With the finest tools and expertise.

Reasons you may want to remove a tree:

Sometimes you may want a tree removed because of an inconvenience with the way it looks. Other times it's because the tree can be hazardous.

Roots from trees might grow in an unexpected manner and cause an upheaval of concrete in sidewalks to cracking the foundation of houses.

Another reason you might want to remove a tree is because it's dead. A dead tree can cause all sorts of problems and bother nearby plants. Another problem with a dead tree is the weakening of it's branches, causing the branches to fall. A falling branch can damage fences, sheds, your house, and even a person who is nearby. You don't want that to happen.


Often times trees can grow to be weak and fragile. Tree Cables and brace rods support weak branches and stems. Cables are usually made of high strength steel and are attached to the upper crown of a tree with the use of bolts. Tree Service Provo has professional arborists that know how to do this properly. The techniques and materials that will be used will comply with the industry standards.

Tree being strengthened with cables and braces
Tree being serviced
Tree that is being cabled
tree being cabled and braced

Tree Care Maintenance


Fertilizing your trees and shrubbery will help keep your plants healthy. Fertilization isn't usually required but can be used to fully utilize the lifespan and health of your trees or shrubbery. It's very important that this is done right, because certain fertilizers can actually hurt your trees. This is typically based on nitrogen content. Our arborists at Tree Service Provo can inform you on which fertilizer will be the best for your tree to maximize its health.

Tree Health Consultation

Get a tree health consultation from our arborists at Tree Service Provo. They'll examine the health of your trees and help to make them healthier and greener. If fertilizer is needed then we've got you covered as our arborists are professionals and have methods to utilizing the health of your trees as well as it's lifespan. Our tree experts will examine your trees and find ways to make the tree live as long as it can while looking good.

Tree Trimming


Pruning and trimming a tree or bush is in most cases actually healthy for the plant. Certain branches may be taking to much water from other areas of the tree and actually causing problems for areas of the tree to grow.